Our Vision Of Outstanding Care and Education for Your Children


Our Focus is on Children


We see each child as a precious gift: each one different, each one beautiful, each with their own likes and dislikes, temperaments, and interests. We make it a priority to know every child individually through careful observation and meaningful interaction. We keep current through our continuing studies of child development. We encourage children to learn and discover in their own way. We keep all this in mind as we build our relationships with your child and your family and as we plan our environments and activities.


We Bring “Home” Into the Classroom


We know how much safety, security and stability mean to you and your children. We help ease the transition between home and school by providing safe, cozy, homelike spaces with touches of softness and beauty. In our environments we include places where your children can be quiet and alone or encourage them to explore with all their senses. We strive to help your children feel secure and self-confident by ensuring each child has a  “primary caregiver” and by following a predictable schedule that maintains flexibility by focusing on the children’s individual needs and rhythms.


We Value Relationships


We recognize that strong connections with family and significant others are the foundation of healthy growth and development of every child. Therefore we highly value our own relationships with the children and their relationship with their families. We provide opportunities for relationships amongst our Giggles and Wiggles families as well as develop strong teaching teams within ourselves to provide a quality program.


We Promote Partnerships with Parents


We realize how difficult it is to juggle a career and family. We strive to include parents in the daily life of our program and the care and education of your children so that you can build a loving relationship with your child while improving your parenting skills.


We Plan Meaningful Experiences

The time your children spend with us is filled with rich possibilities for growth and learning. We regularly plan stimulating age-appropriate experiences, self-directed activities, group interactions and the chance to explore new materials so that the children may discover things about themselves, others and the world we live in.